Current Projects

Currently I am working on only one project, namely a fantasy series that has the working title Wanderers' Tale. I'm writing this together with Lysith, my good friend and partner in crime.

I cannot tell a much about the story since it's still in a very early stage. It started out as a round-robin fan fiction feature some well known musicians. We didn't discuss anything about the plot or character and eventually the plot turned out to be really interesting. Too interesting to be wasted on a fan fiction. So we decided to rewrite it into an original story. Right now we are finishing up the fan fiction version which is going to serve as a very rough skeleton for the rewrite. I am currently busy with some world building and developing characters as well. If there is any news worth writing a blog about, you will find it here on this blog. What I can share, is a very brief summary of the first book:

The story is about four people who get lost in a forest. At first nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but while they try to find their way back to civilisation, strange events start to take place. Getting back isn't as easy as they thought it will be because destiny seems to have other plans for them. 

Beside that story, I no time for other projects. I have a couple ideas for other stories, but I haven't find the will or time yet to start planning that out. I prefer to concentrate on one story instead on several. It might be possible that I will write some fan fiction in the future since that requires a lot less world-building.

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